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Boone's Tunes of Delmarva
Susan Boone Upton, Founder & Director

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COVID-19 UPDATE (July 2021):  We are currently offering our classes and lessons online, as well as limited in-person slots. In accordance with guidelines from the CDC, AAP, MDH, and many music and vocal organizations, we require masks for unvaccinated students ages 5 and above, as well as any unvaccinated adults attending with their children. Please note that the CDC and the AAP recommend that all children above the age of 2 wear masks indoors. Masks are optional for vaccinated students taking private lessons. We will continually check with all these organizations and will update our mask policy should the guidelines change. Our safety precautions also include air purifiers, hand sanitizer before and after touching our keyboard instruments, individual rather than shared student materials, sanitizing of handles and switches, and 3 feet of distance for unvaccinated students above the age of 5. We recommend that vocal students stay online for the time being, since it is more effective to help you on the camera than with masks, and indoor singing is rated as a high risk activity for the unvaccinated. Group pre-piano and piano classes have been converted to partner lessons with two students. Musical theater/Choir classes will perform non-musical plays and handbell songs until indoor singing is deemed safe for the unvaccinated. We are following closely the current research efforts of vocal and health experts about the effects of singing, and the aerosol droplets it creates, on virus spread, and we will update our policies if the experts change their recommendations. Please let us know if you would like links to articles, websites, and studies related to our guidelines, or if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to see you soon!

Welcome to Boone's Tunes of Delmarva! We are pleased that you are considering music classes and/or lessons for your child. Research has shown that we are all born with an aptitude for music, but that aptitude diminishes if it is not actively nurtured between the ages of birth and nine.

The Musikgarten classes offered at Boone's Tunes are designed to nurture the child’s musical aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Additionally, instrumental activities are part of the program, beginning with simple rhythm instruments such as shakers and drums for babies and toddlers, and culminating with piano studies for older children.

Musikgarten is the only program that offers curricula starting with newborns and continuing through piano instruction from age 5. It is based on a keen understanding of how children learn, in both a general sense and, specifically, how they learn music. The curriculum is based on years of expert research in child development and learning styles.  No age group is left out, for Musikgarten also includes recreational adult piano classes!

Boone's Tunes is committed to providing a fun, nurturing educational environment through excellent curriculum and small class sizes of no more than 6-12 students.

 Online Classes are now enrolling! 

In addition to our early childhood classes, Boone's Tunes also offers more than 20 years of experience in high-quality private piano and vocal instruction, as well as a varied selection of homeschool classes and choirs.  

As you familiarize yourself with our website and learn more about us, we look forward to answering your questions and to welcoming your family into our music studio!

Thank you for your interest in our musical offerings!


Susan (Boone) Upton, Founder & Director of Boone's Tunes

Musikgarten Exemplary Award Recipient, 2014, 2015,  2017,  2019, & 2020
Certifications:  American College of Musicians (Piano Instruction), Musikgarten (Early Childhood & Group Piano), Royal Conservatory of Music (Elementary & Intermediate Specialist, Piano & Voice) 
Memberships:  Chorister's Guild, National Guild of Piano Teachers, Royal Conservatory Certificate Program (Piano, Voice, & Music Theory), KITS National Music Theory Honor Roll, Salisbury-Wicomico Arts Council, Community Players of Salisbury, Salisbury Chamber Singers
Education: Goucher College, The Boston Conservatory

A sampling of Boone's Tunes' graduates:  Music teacher at Pocomoke Middle School; Youth Music Minister at Chincoteague Church of God; Musical Theatre Major at Marymount Manhattan College; Dickinson College Musical Theatre graduate working as a paid director and actress in PA; Music major at Five Towns Music College; Music minor/Biology major at Randolph Macon College; Engineering major at Catholic University


 Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher 

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