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Please try to be on time.

If you arrive early for your private or group lesson, please refer to your cell phone clock and wait until your exact lesson time to knock on the door.  Your early arrival may interrupt other students' private learning time, your teacher's office hours, or even a recording session.

When coming to a Musikgarten class, please dress for lots of movement and floor time.

Food, toys or other "distractions" often cause problems rather than provide comfort when brought into music class. Since another child might want your child’s drink or stuffed animal, it is often easier to leave those things at home or in the car.


If Wicomico and/or Delmar schools are closed due to inclement weather, classes and lessons will be canceled and make-up times will be offered.  If schools are operating on a delayed schedule, if schools dismiss early, or if your lesson is on a Saturday, please check your texts and e-mail in case we decide to cancel.  For classes and lessons in Berlin, we will also follow Worcester school closings.


Understand that all children learn at different rates and in different ways.  Some children will be quiet in class, others will be active.  Some children will do everything perfectly at home, but not in class.  Some students will learn piano very quickly, while others will blossom over a longer period of time.  As a parent, you know that every child is unique, so check your comparisons at the door and let the music work its magic!


I will do everything I can to give your child a solid musical background during the time they spend with me in our classes and/or lessons.  Please give your child a strong boost of success by reinforcing their musical skills at home.  For the classes, please listen to the CD's, sing the songs, review the cards, and discuss musical topics presented together at home.  For lessons, please work regular practice time into your family's schedule and refer to your child's "Practice Sheet" to be sure all areas are being covered at home.  Skills learned in lessons MUST be reviewed and practiced at home in order for advancement to occur.  The more practice time is spent, the more quickly the students will improve and build upon their skills, which will bring them added confidence and enjoyment!


Please see "Class Descriptions" page for a list of the discounts we offer.

Payment Options:  We accept payments by cash or check (made out to "Boone's Tunes of Delmarva") and can also take credit/debit payments through PayPal.   A $30 charge will be issued on any returned checks.  If you wish to pay through PayPal, please let us know by e-mail and we will send you an online invoice with your correct total, figuring in any eligible discounts, etc.

Payment Due Dates: 
Private & Group Lessons--One Payment (5% materials credit):  9/1 to reserve your spot
Private & Group Lessons--Four-Payment Plan:  8/15 (reserves your spot), 11/15, 2/15, & 5/15
Private & Group Lessons--Eight-Payment Plan:  9/1 (reserves your spot), 10/1, 11/1, 12/1, 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, & 4/1
Early Childhood Classes--September 1st and February 1st for Early-Bird half-price materials

Late Payments:  A $5 late charge will be added to any payments past the monthly due date.  Boone's Tunes reserves the right to end the studio relationship with any families whose accounts are 30 days or more overdue.

Refund/Make-up Policy: Full tuition is due regardless of the number of classes or lessons you attend.  No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes or lessons. Some make-up classes are included in the schedule at the end of each early childhood session.  If you miss a class, please ask about attending at an alternate class time.  If you miss a piano or voice lesson with 24 hours' notice, you may ask for available make-up lesson slots.  Please note that make-up lessons are not available for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice. Prorated refunds will be issued for Musikgarten classes ONLY during the first two weeks of each session, so dropping the class after the second week will mean forfeiture of any tuition paid.  If you are unsure about committing to a full session or school year, please use the payment plan.

Cancellation Policy:  No refunds or credits will be given for lessons or classes cancelled by the student.  Up to 5 make-up lessons may be scheduled per school year ONLY if 24 hours' advance notice has been given of your absence. Should an early childhood class be cancelled by the teacher, a make-up date will be offered.  For private and group lesson cancellations, there are at least four extra weeks of lessons available on the yearly schedule for teacher make-ups (snow days, concert conflicts, etc.), and an additional six weeks of summer lessons available for eligible student make-ups. Please note that if you forfeit the chance to participate in summer lessons, you also forfeit your chance to make up all your missed lessons, since there are 10 weeks of lessons available on a flexible schedule during the summer.

Absentee Policy:  If you should fail to appear, without giving advance notice, for your private lesson for more than 2 weeks in a row, your slot will be offered to someone from the waiting list.  This rule will apply whether the family has paid for the missed lessons or not.  Experience has shown over the years that families with "no-shows" who stop communicating with me (even if they paid ahead) have quit their lessons, so I will not keep others waiting for a spot unnecessarily.



Lesson Materials and Extra Fees:

Each student enrolled in private lessons needs to obtain a 3-ring binder or pronged folder with pockets for lesson assignments and bring it to each lesson.  If a student is lacking a folder for 3 weeks in a row, one will be issued to them and the charge added to the next invoice.

Please be sure to bring your lesson notebook and ALL of your books and sheet music to each lesson, with the exception of previously completed books.  If a book has been missing for more than one month, a replacement will be issued and the charge will be added to the next lesson invoice.

When new books, CD's, sheet music, or other materials are issued, the cost will be added to the following invoice.

Please use PENCIL, not pen, to complete Theory assignments. If the page requires coloring, please use CRAYON or COLORED PENCIL, not pen or markers.

The annual Materials/Events Fee goes toward recital expenses, awards, and various studio books and materials and is included in your yearly private lesson fee.

An appropriate instrument on which to practice is essential for your child's musical success! Attempting to practice on an inappropriate instrument has caused many a child to lose interest in their studies.  Susan is able to arrange significant discounts for her students from Keyboard America in Lewes, DE.  Please let Susan know if you plan to purchase an instrument so she can arrange your discount. 

Class Materials and Fees:

The $10 registration fee is included with tuition and goes toward administrative and shipping costs.

Family Take-Home Materials are an essential part of the Musikgarten program and, when used together with the family at home and in the car, will greatly increase the child's musical success.  The cost of these materials is included with the first tuition payment of each session.

It is assumed that only one set of family materials per class will be needed for each family.  If you would like to order additional sets, please let us know.  Extra shipping charges may apply.

If you would like to order Musikgarten's high quality instruments for use at home, please let us know.  They make great holiday and birthday gifts for children who love to play them in class!  We can order individual instruments at $2 and up, as well as kits for as little as $15.